Welcome to the CT Microbiome Initiative

Registration is now open for the November 1, 2019 Microbiome Innovation Summit. Visit the event page for more information and registration.

Want to know more about the 2018 Microbiome Innovation & Investment Summit?
Check out video of the conference proceedings here.

Microbiome research is fast-growing discipline, but relevant expertise, experience and facilities don’t always keep pace.  The Connecticut Microbiome Initiative (CMI)  facilitates access to specialized technologies, skills and insight for companies developing microbiome-based products/services.  Collaborate with one of our leading research institutions; engage with our thought leaders to accelerate your progress.

The Initiative draws on world-renowned microbiome experts at JAX, Yale, and UConn to streamline the process of collaboration in Connecticut.  It’s a source of practical know-how for entrepreneurs, startups and mature firms entering this market. As research collaborations begin to yield results, the CMI will also help firms coordinate with the state’s economic development and marketing agencies, and with venture capital firms, enabling companies interested in joining Connecticut’s microbiome industry through relocation or expansion.

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