Sept 19 – Microbiome Innovation and Investment Summit

Join us at the Microbiome Innovation and Investment Summit on September 19, 2018. Held at JAX Genomic Medicine on the UCONN Health Center campus in Farmington, CT, this conference will bring together a wide variety of people interested in microbiome research, scientific collaborations, and new company formation in this arena.

The goals of this meeting are to provide an expert overview and stimulating discussion of:

–              the current landscape in microbiome research and development

–              investment opportunities and challenges unique to this field

–              successful partnership and co-development models

–              future directions in microbiome commercialization

The Summit is being organized as part of a new initiative to link microbiome research strengths at Yale, UConn, and JAX with business development activities in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Microbiome Initiative seeks to promote investment and collaboration to facilitate development of microbiome-related products in biomedicine and other fields.

Exploring the Microbiome: The Next Frontier in Life-Science Discovery



Exploring the Microbiome: The Next Frontier in Life-Science Discovery

When the human genome was decoded in 2001, the scientific community hoped it had the key to unlock the challenges of many serious diseases, but our growing knowledge of the human microbiome is revealing a landscape that is dramatically larger than that of the human genome. First described by Joshua Lederberg in 20011, understanding how the microbiome influences human health is the next frontier in life-science discovery.