CT Microbiome Initiative

The Connecticut Microbiome Initiative (CMI) facilitates access to specialized technologies and expertise to companies developing microbiome-based products or services, and can thereby enable new venture creation.  The Initiative draws on world-renowned microbiome experts at JAX, Yale, and UCONN to represent Connecticut as a source of practical know-how for entrepreneurs, startups and mature firms entering this market. By coordinating with the state’s economic development and marketing agencies, and with venture capital firms, the Initiative enhances Connecticut’s microbiome industry and enables a potential engine for economic development.

Economic Development

The Connecticut Microbiome Initiative has partnered with Connecticut Innovations to connect microbiome researchers involved in start-ups or expansions with venture capital and new business support resources in the highly active Connecticut market.

You want to bring a new idea to life. At Connecticut Innovations, work with a team that shares your passion for possibilities—and backs it up with capital, strategic guidance and connections to a valuable network of partners and resources… the support you need to succeed.

The study of the microbiome is one of the newest and most promising areas of biomedical research.  A growing cadre of companies is exploiting this new aspect of biology.  Transparency Market Research estimates that the global market for microbiome products will reach $3.2 billion/year by 2024.  The NIH lists almost 700 clinical trials of microbiome-based treatments that are currently in progress.

While there are several centers for this research in the US, no one institution or region dominates the field.  The technology is evolving rapidly, and Connecticut researchers are setting the pace.  The combined expertise of JAX, Yale and UCONN, and a growing group of microbiome-related companies in the state make Connecticut one of the centers for the microbiome industry.  State legislators and policymakers show strong interest in supporting the promise of the field.